• Facial Contouring and Volume Restoration

    Devolux® Vital serves as a versatile tool for facial rejuvenation, offering solutions for volume loss, contour irregularities, and fine lines. Whether used to augment cheekbones, redefine jawlines, or restore youthful fullness to the temples, Devolux® Vital delivers natural and long-lasting results.

  • breast enhancement

    Devolux® Vital offers a safe and effective alternative for individuals seeking breast augmentation without surgery. By stimulating collagen production, Devolux® Vital gradually enhances breast volume and shape, providing natural-looking results that align with the patient's aesthetic goals.

  • hip augmentation

    For those desiring a fuller and more contoured buttock profile, Devolux® Vital presents a non-invasive solution. By strategically injecting PLLA into targeted areas, Devolux® Vital enhances buttock volume and projection, creating a more sculpted and lifted appearance.

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